An entire week devoted to dessert is the kind of thing dreams are made of, and it’s exactly what the founders of Dessert Week brought to life in 2016.

The idea began in 2013 with a bet between two dessert-loving yet health-conscious roommates: Could they limit their dessert intake to only one treat a week? They decided to make their weekly desserts count by seeking out the best that their hometown of Los Angeles had to offer.

Fast forward to 2016, and one of Dessert Week’s founders, Daniel Amitin, thought he’d earned a break from his one-dessert-a-week commitment. Could he take a week off to indulge in LA’s dessert scene? He looked for “the Restaurant Week of desserts” and searched around for a dessert festival in LA but came up empty-handed. How could there not be a week — or at least a day! — to celebrate desserts?

That’s when Daniel decided to create the ultimate dessert celebration for sweets-lovers like himself. He partnered with LA’s best bakeries, creameries, patisseries, and more to offer a week of exclusive deals and discounts at shops all across Los Angeles. The week culminated in a sold-out, day-long festival where dozens of LA’s top dessert vendors gathered along with dessert aficionados from all across the city. From live music and games to a beer garden and an epic pie-eating contest, this was more than just an Insta-worthy dessert fest — this was the ultimate celebration for people with a serious sweet tooth.

Now in its second year, Dessert Week is gearing up for another unforgettable week of tempting treats and incredible flavors. Matcha green tea pies? Saffron and rose ice cream? Campfire-flavored beignets? Dessert Week participants can expect all those treats and more, and they can even vote  for their favorite sweets to get involved in the festival.

The news gets even sweeter: Due to the seriously sweet feedback about the inaugural event in LA, Dessert Week is expanding to Chicago, New York, and San Francisco in 2018! If you want Dessert Week to come to you, let us know. We’re always listening. Because #UDessertThis.


You’re in! Keep an eye on your inbox. Because #UDessertThis.

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You’re in! Keep an eye on your inbox. Because #UDessertThis.